At Run Mechanics, we help runners with holistic awareness of their running. We offer insights to improve running form, posture, and mobility, to reach optimal running performance.

What we do

We are runners and understand the nuances of running. You can choose to visit our studio for advanced in-person analysis, or opt for convenient online video analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you assess in Running Form Analysis?

  • We assess all aspects of your running which include - running dynamics, mobility, foot, hip, knee and upper body mechanics.
  • We assess the above at varying paces starting with easy to race pace.
  • We use a combination of high-speed video recording and 3D-motion sensors.
  • How is RunMechanics and Gait Analysis done at shoe stores; differ?

  • Shoe stores only look at your foot pronation and prescribe Shoes or Inserts if there is excessive pronation. However, excessive foot pronation can be because of multiple reasons including lack of strength & stability and mobility issues at the calf, hip, upper body.
  • At RunMechanics, we do comprehensive form analysis, mobility assessment, and personalized insights that can help in improving your running
  • Why should I consider getting running form analysis done?

  • As we run, we self-select movement patterns that work for us, and these make us unique in how we run. These movement patterns can be mechanically inefficient, causing performance issues and also can be the cause of injuries.
  • As runners, we often have better finish times and longer distances as our goals. Running form analysis that we do at RunMechanics, can help you get a complete picture of your running including inefficiencies, and can help you benchmark yourself.
  • I’m a beginner in running, will Running Form Analysis help?

  • Definitely. We are all born runners, however not running over a period of time may not allow us to be optimal at it. Developing the skill the wrong way can cause injuries, and can result in suboptimal performance.
  • Running form analysis can point out basic issues in your form, and develop running skills the right way. It can help you understand mobility & strength issues that might impair your running.
  • I am an experienced marathoner, how can Running Form Analysis help?

  • As experienced runners, minor changes in our form can go a long way in improving our running efficiency and meeting our goals, be it - vertical oscillation, hip extension, knee drive, hip rotation, or tilt.
  • How long will the process take?

  • You will go through mobility assessment and recording of your running form which takes about 30 minutes.
  • Detailed analysis and report will take up to 4 days.
  • How do I use the assessment report?

  • Knowing your form is the first step in improving your form. The assessment report has all the data that helps you understand your running form.
  • The assessment report highlights the weak points in your running form, as well as recommendations which you can work with by yourself or with your coach.
  • How frequently should I get my running form assessed?

  • It depends. Changes to running form analysis can be slow, and take weeks to months. Based on your current form, and action plan, you will have to give sufficient time for your next visit.
  • Will you be able to train us to correct the form?

  • We will provide a detailed assessment report, including recommendations on areas to improve.
  • However, we won’t be offering any training required to improve your form. We recommend you to work with your coach on the plan. If you don’t have a coach, we can connect you with Coaches in our network.
  • I have an injury. Will running form analysis help?

  • Injury can be significantly alter running form. If you are currently in pain, analysis can give a wrong picture of your running form.
  • We suggest you wait till the pain subsides and recover from the injury. Please take advice of your Doctor or Physio.
  • We don’t offer any medical advice. Running form analysis is not an alternative to medical treatment. Please consult a Doctor or Physio for any injuries. We are happy to recommend Physios in our network.
  • I want to buy shoes that suits my foot pronation. Will you be able to help?

  • Running form analysis is more than foot gait analysis. While we are happy to advise on the type of shoe, we cannot help you with brand, or specific model.
  • In general, we recommend runners use neutral shoes, and work on foot-related issues in conjunction with a Physio or Podiatrist.
  • Full running form analysis is charged at ₹ 3500 .
  • Repeat visits will have 10% discount.
  • Online running form analysis is charged at ₹ 2200 .

  • Can I walk-in for running form assessment?

  • We currently work with athletes on appointment only and limited hours on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Please check our website for timings.
  • How do I book an appointment?

  • Please check the Appointment option (in the navigation bar) website.

  • I am a Coach, how can you help my trainees?

  • As a coach, you can be more scientific in your approach to training by having a full picture of their running form.
  • By including running form analysis as part of your training cycles can help you benchmark your athlete’s improvement.
  • I am a physio, how can we work together?

  • As a physio, you can work with us in understanding a runner’s complete running form and ensure prevention of injuries, address the root causes of injuries, and offer personalized rehabilitation programs.
  • We are a running group/club, how can we work together?

  • We can have group assessments planned for your runners. We can also consider a location that is close to where your group is based.
  • Please write to us at E: [email protected] or call us at +91 96636 10444.
  • We are a shoe store, how can we work together?

  • We offer a complete running form analysis to runners. It is much more than foot gait analysis.
  • We can, however, help you with setting up an operational foot gait analysis facility. Please talk to us.

  • Why is running form important?

  • Reach optimal running performance
  • Gain awareness of your running
  • Better running efficiency
  • Improves endurance
  • Reduce impact forces on joints, and prevent injuries
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