Runners often focus too much on foot strike, foot pronation and other clearly visible aspects of running. At RunMechanics we do a thorough analysis, which can help runners in the longer term. In particular, we give special attention to what happens up above the leg musculature, from where most of the form issues stem. We observed hip muscles are complex and are the powerhouse of running. Over the last few months, we observed that most performance issues originate here.

Knee holds an important role in running as it is the midpoint between the hip and ankle. Knee joint facilitates the following: As a shock absorption mechanism at initial contact when landing through the midstance when we stabilize. Acts like a bouncing spring, working along with the ankle and hip joint to generate force for the push off. During the swing, the bend at the knee (flexion) facilitates the recovery (initial swing as the foot travels backwards) and prepares our foot to swing forward and pass the stance leg.

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